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Ratepayers 1782 (partial)

[George, Mitchell, Nicholas, and Williams only]

M. Humphrey Williams Ho Vact.2/6
John Nicholas Jnr.4/0
William Williams1/4
Repres. of Nich. Nicholas1/0
John Nicholas1/0
Thos Nicholls1/4
Joseph Williams1/0
Widow George /Poor/-/-
Hugh George3/0
John Georges Exor2/0
William Nicholas2/8
Joseph Nicholas1/4
Michael Nicholls6/8
Exors John Williams1/0
Willm Mitchell2/0
Wm Nicholas1/4
Daniel Williams1/0
Richard Nicholls1/0
Michael Nicholls2/4
Andrew Nicholas1/0
Richard Nicholas1/4
Repres. Rich Mitchell2/0

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