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  • Dunstan, Bob, The Book of Falmouth & Penryn, 1975, An index is available on this website.
  • Enys, Valentine, Cornwall, The Canaries and the Atlantic - The letter book of Valentine Enys 1704 - 1719, Institute of Cornish Studies, ISBN 0 903686 76 7
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  • Fisher, Barbara, Yesterday and Today Falmouth and Penryn, 1981
  • Henderson, Charles, The Ecclesiastical History of Western Cornwall, 1962
  • Monk, Wendy, John Gill of Penryn
  • Mudd, David, Home Along Falmouth & Penryn ,1980, ISBN 9 906456 33 9, An index is available on this website.
  • Mundy, Peter, The Travels of Peter Mundy, 1914
  • Palmer, June, Penryn in the Eighteenth Century, 1991 An index is available on this website.
  • Palmer, June, The People of Penryn in the Seventeenth Century, 1986
  • Pellow, E.F., The Pellowes of Penryn: a family history, 1965. available on-line
  • Pellow, Thomas, The Adventures of Thomas Pellow, of Penryn, Mariner,1890. extract
  • Penrose, John, Letters from Bath 1766-1767 / by Rev. John Penrose; with an introduction and notes by Brigitte Mitchell & Hubert Penrose, 1983, ISBN 0862990777
  • Peter, Thurstan C., The History of Glasney Collegiate Church, Cornwall, 1903 (available in Google Book Search)
  • Pope, Rita Tregellas, Memories of Old Penryn, 1983, ISBN 0907566421 index
  • Pope, Rita Tregellas, A Short Account of the History of St. Gluvias church, Penryn, 1982, ISBN 0907566286
  • Roddis, Roland J., Penryn, The History of an Ancient Cornish Borough, 1964 index
  • Warmington, Ernie, Penryn: People - places - postcards - photographs
  • Warmington, Ernie, Around Penryn, 2000, An index is available on this website.
  • Warmington, Ernie, Penryn Revisited, 2007, ISBN 9780752446073
  • Whetter, J., The History of Glasney College, 1988
  • Wingfield, Deborah, Penryn: archaeology and development: a survey, 1979, ISBN 0903686244
  • Vincent, John, The History of Glasney College Church, 1903

Almost all of these books are out of print.  Here's a few links to sites where you could look for used copies of these books:

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