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  • Militia roll and substitutes, Kerrier Hundred, 1781, 1782, CRO, DDX.534 (Transcription available from Family History Indexes?)
  • Militia roll, Penryn borough and St. Gluvias, 1803, CRO, EN 1819/1-4

Officers in the Penryn Militia, 1791

Prisoners of Napolean in 1811

Robt. Hart
Win. Gross
Win. Broadmean
James Murrow
Dan Codder
Philip Jones
David Davies
James Dowling
Thomas Teackcoinde

World War I Memorial

In memory of the men of the parish of St. Gluvias with Penryn who gave their lives in the Great War that we might live in peace 1914-1918


T.J. Bray, Master-at-arms
W.J.C. Jeal, Cmr.
C.M. Smith, A.B.
R.J. Stannaway, C.P.O.
W.A. Tucker, Stoker
J.C. Welch, 1st Class Stoker
J.H. Young, C.P.O.
R. Horris, A.B.


W. Abell, Pte.
P. Andrew, Pte.
T. Andrew, Pte.
S. Bailey, Sgt.
J.L. Burton, Pte.
R.C. Bishop, Pte.
R.N. Bache, L/CM.
W.L. Coombes, Pte.
W.R. Cullen, C.S.N.
A.J. Dunbar, Pte.
S. Dowerick, Pte.
W. Ford, Rfn.
R. Fugler, Sigr.
L.J. Fuller, Pte.
C. Goodman, Pte.
T. Hicks, Pte.
J. Hosking, Pte.
R. Julian, Pte.
W. Lugg, Pte.
A.H. Knight, Pte.
J.H. Mallett, Cnr.
H.A. Martin, Spr.
S.H. Moon, Sgt.
A. Mathews, Rfn.
E.S. Nicholls, Pte.
J. Opie, Pte.
H. Pascoe, Pte.
J. Pascoe, Sigr.
T.C. Pearce, Pte.
R.S. Pellow, Pte.
F.C. Retchecks, Sgt.

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